Weekly Startup Digest #9
Apr 28, 2024
Don't worry about what anybody else is going to do. The best way to predict the future is to invent it - Alan Kay
Meta has taken a significant step towards enhancing the overall mixed reality ecosystem by opening up its Horizon OS platform to third-party hardware manufacturers. Built on top of Android, Horizon OS provides a robust foundation for developers to create immersive mixed reality experiences. This strategic move positions Horizon OS as a potential Android equivalent for mixed reality platforms, akin to Apple's visionOS. By embracing an open ecosystem approach, Meta aims to foster innovation and accelerate the adoption of mixed reality technology across a broader range of devices and applications. Developers now have the opportunity to leverage the familiarity and extensive resources of the Android ecosystem while tapping into the cutting-edge capabilities of mixed reality hardware from various manufacturers. This decision could catalyze the growth of a vibrant mixed reality ecosystem, driving competition and offering consumers a diverse array of mixed reality experiences tailored to their preferences and needs.
LinkedIn is rolling out a premium company page feature with custom testimonial support and auto-invite feature and more.
Google Ads now let you create custom ad visuals with AI in Demand Gen Campaigns
Awesome tool to edit and optimize SVG files.
Confetti animations for browser.
Gotta go and implement ship on save!
Latest LTS release is out now with Linux kernel 6.8, low latency kernel features and Gnome 46
Latest to be LTS Node version released with V8 12.4, Maglev compiler, watch mode, built in Websocket client and more.
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