Weekly Startup Digest #6
Apr 7, 2024
Freedom lies in being bold - Robert Frost
This is likely the best thing to happen to Linux desktop, this year. Libreoffice will likely get much more investment after this, triggering more investments to the desktop Linux ecosystem. Microsoft usually negotiate back with with a discount every time this happened in the past but hoping that this switch is based out on principles ranther than just saving money on hefty licening fees.
Great list of startup insights from Paul Grahm.
Not blundering is the way to victory.
Great paper on how LLMs perform better when scaling with more agents.
Great open source AI tool to upscale images on desktop.
Experimenting with progressive blur, one of Apple's unique design elements.
Their free animation list is quite good.
Awesome talk on practial Domain Driven Design
Great video by 3Blue1Brown on how GPT works.
Great proposal to implement signals into standard JavaScript.
Open source tool to design databases.
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