Weekly Startup Digest #4
Mar 24, 2024
If it hurts, do it more frequently, and bring the pain forward - Jez Humble
NVIDIA just released their new Blackwell superchip with a massive performance bump. The new GB200 NVL72 rack with 72 Blackwell GPUs can provide upto 30x performance increase compared to same number of previous NVIDIA H100 Hopper chips. NIVDIA is now the 3rd most valueble company in the world only seconds to Apple and Microsft and looks like NVIDA can easily become the world largest company in coming years.
This was my weekend read. Great handbook on how to be a great startup CTO. Packed with lot of great industry insights.
Great reading list for anyone trying to grow.
X released weights for their Gork-1 model. It's a 314B paramater model and now the largest open weight model.
Robotics work from NVIDIA looks super impresive and exiting.
Set of SVG patters for your next design
Must listen podcast with Sam Altman. Expect GPT5 later this year and more Q* controversy.
Great presentation by the Jeff Dean
Cloud providers can't use redis versions after 7.4 for free. But comunity can always fork the code. There's a promising fork called Redict already.
Always install and master those tools.
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