Weekly Startup Digest #5
Mar 31, 2024
Creativity is just connecting things - Steve Jobs
Andres Freund, a principal software engineer at Microsoft, noticed an unusual delay while doing some benchmarking with sshd, which is one of the most security-critical components of Linux. With further brilliant investigation him discovered a backdoor in a component called xz, which is used for data compression in all major Linux distributions. It is suspected that this could involve a state-level actor, but the story is still evolving. Affected versions of xz are 5.6.0 or 5.6.1, which were just released a month ago, so if your servers/desktops are not on a rolling release, you are probably safe. This was one of the most crucial backdoor discoveries ever and will shape the future of software testing and deployment. You can test if your system is vulnerable by running this script.
Good short book on customer development for startup founders.
The article discuss how the traditional marketing funnel does not apply to Gen Z shoppers.
The quality of output is fantastic compared to other open source models.
Great library to easily compose computer vision apps.
Shadcn just launched blocks (basically layouts) and they are top-notch.
Will this video totally ruin the randomness of 37 forever?
Good resource on how to build a business. Too long but worth watching.
I like this a lot. Already using with xaventra.com website and few other products.
Handy tool to spec out legacy API endpoints.
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