Weekly Startup Digest [🌞 Aluth Avurudu Edition] #7
Apr 14, 2024
Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible - George Orwell
Wigderson just named the winner of the Turing Award, widley considered as top honor in compuing for his work on randomness in computation.
Framework contains nice categorization on Product Market Fit.
Great checklist on product, growth and strategy
Now gpt-4-turbo API can extract structured data from and image with function support.
Great insights/tips on running useful production LLMs
Shadcn is one of the favorites in our internal UI toolkit. More Shadcn blocks are always welcome.
Great set of components for Tailwind + React users.
It was a blast with Google Vids announcement, Imagen2, Gemini Code Assit and more generative AI stuff.
Is devin another infamous fake AI demo?
We've been using this for few weeks and think it's one of the most practical AI coding tools out there.
UUIDs are everywhere ensuring global uniqueness. Awesome writeup on improving user experience of UUIDs
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