Weekly Startup Digest #3
Mar 17, 2024
Consistency over time is trust - Satya Nadella
Demo of a AI developer was released this week with long-term reasoning and planning capabilities. Although it's nowhere near replacing skilled developers, those systems are going to improve at a rapid rate. Most developers are now in the first stage of grief, denial. So what would happen to developers? My guess is that it would be mostly similar to what happened to agriculture after the industrial revolution. More than 90% of the world's population worked in agriculture before the industrial revolution. Now it's less than 30 percent, but with increased production. In a similar pattern, the throughput of a developer is going to improve while requiring fewer devs to run companies.
There are situations where it makes sense to raise $X million. And then there are situations where it makes sense to take nothing, bootstrap, and become self-sufficient.
Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, predicts that generative AI will eventually automate and replace most creative marketing tasks and roles.
This latest research from Google DeepMind tries to build a generalized agent that can perform tasks inside video games when prompted using text. A player can enter 'cut a tree' text in a Minecraft game, and the AI model will output keyboard and mouse inputs for the task in real-time. There are so many use cases for generalized models like this.
This is not CGI. It's a real robot from a relatively new company called Figure with OpenAI integration.
List of great design systems for designers.
Great blog post with tips and tools to make good looking slides.
Got further than ever before, but blew up on its return to Earth.
Supposedly, the best way to celebrate Pi Day is..
Hatchet is a new open-source distributed task queue that supports DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) style execution. It uses PostgreSQL and supports Go, TypeScript, and Python.
Encrypt a message for future.
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